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Juliet Darling played by Samaire Armstrong .

Juliet Darling is one of the main characters in Dirty Sexy Money and is half of the set of fraternal twins that make up the youngest members of the Darling family. Juliet is in the 20's within the series.

History with the show[]

Juliet is shown within the series as being spoiled, petulant but is seen to have a heart and somewhat caring. Within the series she is a former debutante and is aiming to be taken seriously as an actress but after the director shouts at her for not being able to act, it is revealed that she only got the part because Tripp is financing the whole production. This pushes Juliet to become depressed and take a lot of pills at the Darling's party that night. Juliet survived but leaves the family home saying that she wants to live life on her own terms without Tripp always butting in and getting her roles etc.

After the first Season, she leaves New York to vacation abroad with her new boyfriend.