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Karen Darling played by Natalie Zea.

Karen Darling
Tripp Darling (Father)

Letitia Darling (Mother)

Freddy Mason (Ex-husband)

Simon Elder (Ex-fiancé)

Nick George (Ex boyfriend)

Patrick Darling (Brother)

Ellen Darling (Sister-in-Law, deceased)

Leah Darling (Niece)

Lacey Darling (Niece)

Brian Darling (Half brother)

Brian Darling, Jr. (Nephew)

Andrea Smithson (Sister-in-Law)

Juliet Darling (Sister)

Jeremy Darling (Brother)

Karen Darling is one of the main characters in Dirty Sexy Money and is the eldest daughter in the Darling family. Karen has had four failed marriages under her belt with the fourth marriage not even surviving the reception. Many characters, including an ex husband has commented that her marriages failed because Karen still has feelings for Nick.

Pre Show history[]

Karen Darling was born into the hugely rich Darling family, eldest daughter to Tripp Darling and Letitia Darling. Karen also runs the family's charitable foundation.

Karen Darling has a long complicated romantic history with Nick George that started whilst they were both in their childhoods. In the first episode Karen reveals that Nick made her a mixed tape with 'Babe I love You' on it. In the same episode Karen also reveals that Nick was the man who "de-flowered" her, meaning she lost her virginity to him. Karen also admits that she thought that she would have ended up marrying Nick when she was younger. For unknown reasons their relationship didn't workout and Nick left and ended up marrying Lisa.

History within the show[]

At the point of Karen's life that the show started, Karen is engaged to her fourth husband Freddy Mason.