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Lisa George played by Zoe McLellan

Lisa George (Zoe McLellan)

Lisa George
Art Dealer
Nick George (Ex husband)

Jeremy Darling (Slept with, Business partner)

Kiki George (daughter)

is one of the main characters in Dirty Sexy Money. Lisa George is the loving, attractive art dealer who is married to husband Nick and has a daughter, Kiki.

Pre Show history[]

At some point after this, unknown exactly, Lisa meets her husband, Nick and began there relationship that led to marriage and him fathering a child with her. In the series Lisa alludes to moving the New York City seven years ago and turning down money and a house from Dutch because the couple wanted to make it on their own.

History within the show[]

At the time of the start of series, Lisa is married to Nick who she has a daughter, Kiki, with. The family are happily living in their apartment in New York City. Nick is a civic-minded lawyer in his 30s who owns his own lawyers firm where he helps disadvantaged people for what Lisa jokingly describes as working for basically nothing. Nick and Lisa at this point in the series are happily married with none of the noticeable problems that close relationships with the Darling family will cause.