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Nick George

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Dutch George (father)

Clare George (mother)

Lisa George (ex-wife)

Brian Darling (half-brother)

Kiki George (daughter)

Brian Darling, Jr. (nephew)

Leah Darling (niece)

Lacey Darling (niece)

Nicholas "Nick" George is one of the main characters in Dirty Sexy Money. He is a highly successful lawyer. Nick is also the son of Dutch George, and Clare George, the paternal older half-brother of Brian Darling, the ex-husband of Lisa George, the father of Kiki George, the former brother-in-law of Mei Ling Hwa, the brother-in-law of Andrea Smithson, the uncle of Brian Darling, Jr., Leah Darling, and Lacey Darling, and the boyfriend of Karen Darling.

Early History[]

The early years of Nick's life were spent growing up in a troubled household where he and his mother always came second to the Darling family's needs when it came to his father, Dutch George, who worked as a lawyer for the Darling Family. In flash backs within the series Nick's parents are often seen arguing over the fact that Dutch has to spend so much time working for the Darling family and spend so little time with his wife and son. The arguments and neglect rise to such a point that Nick's Mother leaves the family when Nick was only seven years old, leaving Nick to grow up with just his father. Nick, some time before the series starts, promises his self that he would never follow in his fathers foot steps and work for the Darling because of all the problems they caused him and his family.

At some point after this, unknown exactly, Nick meets his wife, Lisa, and began a relationship that led to marriage and him fathering a child with her. In the series Lisa alludes to moving the New York City seven years ago and turning down money and a house from Dutch because the couple wanted to make it on their own.

History within the series[]

At the time of the start of series, Nick is married to Lisa whom he fathered his daughter Kiki with and is happily living with them in their apartment in New York City. Nick is a civic-minded lawyer in his 30s who owns his own lawyers firm where he helps disadvantaged people for what Lisa jokingly describes as working for basically nothing. Nick and Lisa at this point in the series are happily married with none of the noticeable problems that close relationships with the Darling family will cause.

Nick finds himself drawn closer to the Darling family after Dutch, whilst on the Darling's private plane, died when the plane mysteriously crashed into the sea. Whilst the police put it down to a "run of the mill engine failure", certain clues and people make Nick think that someone sabotaged the plane, making it crash in order to kill and get rid of Dutch. Nick decided to accept Tripp's offer for him to take Dutch's place as the Darling family's lawyer and starts secretly trying to find out who killed his father.